Are you 'sick' of the pre-65 retiree healthcare?

Let's be honest, the United States healthcare system is a mess.  The costs and deductibles are extremely high, the coverage is difficult to understand, and the customer service is awful. 

Leaving your group work coverage can be painful, but it doesn't have to be with Boyer Financial Group.

healthcareIf you're a public safety officer in Ohio, this is the single biggest pain point going into your well-earned retirement years.  For your entire career, you had affordable group coverage through your employer.  Going into retirement, you have the option for COBRA- a continuation of employer group coverage for up to 18 months, but at a steep cost of up to 102% of the premiums. There are other group healthcare coverage options and small business healthcare coverage options to consider, but these can be expensiive and require planning. 

How does the OP&F Stipend Program work?

Should you go on your spouse's healthcare coverage?

Do you have dependents that need to be covered? 

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