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Travel Is the Best Investment.

February 16th,  2024  [4 min. read]

By Drew W. Boyer, CFP®

It’s February.  The only thing different this year is we get an extra day.  Great- one more day for the winter blah.

I don’t know about you, but the past few weekends have been spent dreaming about summer vacation to escape this and look forward to trips away, if even a picnic down the street in the green grass, birds chirping, and the leaves swaying in the breeze.  With each day though, you can see the sunrise a bit earlier and the sunset a bit later.  Spring is coming- hang in there y’all!




What was your Childhood Net Worth?

January 24th,  2024  [3 min. read]

By Drew W. Boyer, CFP®

Baseball cards, comic books, and cassettes.

Every holiday we get our family together, my mom says, "she always knew I'd end up doing something with money." So true. I can vividly remember back in my childhood when my net worth was sports cards, comic books, and my music collection. I felt richer every time I was able to save up, or trade, and add more to my collection. To this day, I still have them all stored in my college-era black chest box along with all my other adolescent memories for my kids to look through. But alas, too many cards and comics were made and now their value is maybe what was printed on the cover or card pack. Perhaps they can make a comeback someday, but cassette tapes?